Jesus is Willing to Forgive

If I were to see a needle running across the table all by itself, I should know that under-the-table a magnet was at work out of sight. When I see a sinner running after Christ, I feel certain that divine love is drawing him: the cords may be invisible, but we are quite sure that they are there. If you are seeking Christ, it is because he is seeking you. The desire for grace is caused by the very grace which we desire. You must not dare to charge the Lord Jesus with unwillingness to save, seeing he has laid down his life to prove his eagerness to redeem. No, it is not possible that there can be any backwardness with the Saviour; the backwardness lies with you. Get rid of the unbelieving in dishonouring notion that Jesus is unwilling to forgive, and at once throw yourself into his arms. He thirsts to bless men; it is his meat and his drink in this respect to do the will of him that sent him. You were being drawn by his loving hands; those warm desires for salvation are created in you by his Holy Spirit: believe this, and thus recognize the bond which unites you to the Lord; by faith that bond will become consciously stronger from day-to-day. Trust wholly and Jesus, and the work is done. Trust him simply, trust him solely, trust him without hesitation and you are saved.

Spurgeon, Only a Prayer Meeting: Studies on Prayer Meetings and Prayer Meeting Addresses


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