Know What is Scriptural in All Systems and Accept It

Once, in Leeds, [Spurgeon] read and commented on Romans 9 and 10. Reaching verse 10:13, he said: “Dear me, how wonderfully like John Wesley the apostle talked! ‘Whosoever?’ Why, that is a Methodist word, is it not?” (Amens from the Methodists; frowns from the Hypers!) “But (he proceeded) read verse 9:11 and see how wonderfully like John Calvin he (Paul) talked—‘That the purpose of God according to election might stand.’ (Amens and frowns change faces!) The fact is that the whole system of truth is neither here nor there. Be it ours to know what is scriptural in all systems, and accept it.

Richard Ellsworth Day, The Shadow of the Broad Brim (Philadelphia: Judson Press, 1934), 144. Quoted in William R. Estep, “The Making of a Prophet: An Introduction to Charles Haddon Spurgeon,” Baptist History and Heritage, 6.

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