But the great mass of my hearers belong to the third class—the waverers

Now, we have these three classes here this morning. We have, I hope, a very large number who are on Jehovah’s side—who fear God and serve Him. We have a number who are on the side of the evil one—who make no profession of religion and do not observe even the outward symptoms of it. They are both inwardly and outwardly the servants of the evil one. But the great mass of my hearers belong to the third class—the waverers. Like empty clouds, they are driven here and there by the wind. Like painted beauties, they lack the freshness of life—they have a name to live and are dead. Procrastinators, doubleminded men, undecided persons, to you I speak this morning—”How long will you falter between two opinions?” If the question is answered by God’s Spirit in your hearts, may you be led to answer, “No longer, Lord, do I falter. But this day I decide for You and am Your servant forever.”


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