Faith is Not Worth Having if it is Fruitless

There must be heart in our faith, and the Spirit of God breathing in it, or it will not be the living faith of a living child of God. Being alive, true faith must not sleep, but must arouse itself as a child of the day, for a slumbering faith is matter for heart-searching, since sleep is cousin to death. A wakeful faith becomes active, and in its activity lies much of its proof. “By their fruits ye shall know them” is one of Christ’s own rules for testing men and things, and we are to know faith by that which comes of it, by what it does for us, and in us, and through us. Faith is not worth having if it is fruitless; it has a name to live and is dead. If it works not at all, it lives not at all, and cannot justify its possession. A dead God may be served by a dead faith, but living, waking, working faith can alone please the ever-living, ever-working Jehovah. God save us from a dreaming faith and a talking faith, and give us “faith which worketh.”

— “Faith Working Through Love,” MTP 26:1533

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