What Do Ye Here Amongst My People?

But among a more respectable class of people, who do not drink and who observe the Sabbath-day, you will have a number of people who remain in the church, though they have no secret piety, no real love to Christ, no private prayer; and hence there is all the more danger. Now, dear friends, what we cannot do, and must not try to do, Jesus Christ will do easily enough. The shepherd when he comes will soon separate his sheep from the goats. His eye of fire will read each heart; the hypocrites in the church will tremble in a moment, instinctively reading the meaning of that glance, as Christ will by that eye say to them, “What do ye here amongst my people?”

–“The Final Separation,” MTP 21:1234

Prayer: Heavenly Father, just because we attend services does not mean we are part of your people? May you search our hearts to see if there be any stain of hypocrisy in us and lead us to repentance from sin and toward your dear Son, in whose name we pray. Amen.

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