Never Come Here to Gratify Your Curiosity

The one thing I ask–never come here to gratify your curiosity. You that are members of other congregations, just consider it your duty to stay at home. There are many stray sheep about. I would rather have them than you. Keep to your own place. I do not want to rob other ministers. Do not come here from charity. We are much obliged to you for your kindly intentions. But we would rather have your seat than your company if you are members of other Churches. We want sinners to come–sinners of every sort. But do not let us have that sort of men whose ears are everlastingly itching for some new preacher–who are saying, “I need something else, I need something else.”

–Spurgeon, preached June 3, 1855 after the return of the congregation to the newly renovated New Park Street Chapel after a brief sojourn to Exeter Hall.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, give us a love for our own churches of which we are members. We are not consumers of entertainment and curiosities, but followers of Jesus who support their own covenant community of believers. May our aim be to reach “sinners of every sort,” not simply to sit in our benches to hear sermons that tickle our itching ears. And may we think of our pastors who labor hard among their own sheep whom Christ has entrusted to him. In Jesus’ Name. Amen!

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