The Best Piece of Furniture I Ever Had in My House

As I said in prayer, so say I now: I do not know for which I would bless God most, for my sorrows or for my joys. The best piece of furniture I have ever had in my house is the cross of affliction. Adversity is the richest field in all the farm of life. We have never reaped such a harvest from any seed as from that which fell from our hand while tears were falling from our eyes. When we have gone forth weeping, bearing precious seed, we have invariably come again rejoicing, bringing our sheaves with us. 

–Spurgeon, MTP 31:1845 (1885), “The Pitifullness of the Lord and the Comfort of the Afflicted,” from James 5:11.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, it cuts against the grain for all of us to rejoice in affliction that comes our way. Yet, we know from your Word that suffering lasts for the night, but joy comes in the morning. Job lost all, but was brought to a point where he saw the sufficiency of God in all things. May we see the value of this piece of furniture in our house as we follow Jesus. In Christ’s name. Amen.

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