Spurgeon on Rendering Unto Caesar

They say unto him, Caesar’s. No other answer was possible. This tribute money was not a shekel of Jewish coinage, but money of the Roman empire. This was a plain proof that, whether they liked it or not, they were Roman subjects, and Caesar was their ruler. What then must follow but that they should pay to their acknowledged ruler his due?…

Jehovah held rule over consciences and hearts; and they must see to it that, as Caesar had his own, the Lord had his own also. . . .

The State has its sphere, and we must discharge our duties to it; but we must not forget that God has his throne, and we must not allow the earth-kingdom to make us traitors to the heaven-kingdom. Caesar must keep his place and by no means go beyond it; but God must have the spiritual dominion to himself alone.”

–Charles Spurgeon, Commentary on Matthew: The Gospel of the Kingdom, Banner of Truth Trust, p 338.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, we live as temporary citizens and as eternal citizens of heaven. As we live here, seeing the effects and influences of our temporary citizenship all around us, may we never forget that our true King is Jesus. May we never betray our Lord as did Judas. May we never deny our Lord as did Peter. And should we sin, may you break our hearts as you did Peter’s so that we may confess and be restored to you. We will serve here as we serve You in heaven. In Christ’s name. Amen.


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