The Spurgeon Library at Midwestern Seminary

Containing over 6000 items by Charles Spurgeon himself, this beautiful Spurgeon Library is found on the campus of Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Kansas City, Missouri. Philip Ort is the curator of the museum and does a masterful job.

I thought that, due to my love for Spurgeon, my perspective was clouded. Yet, while traveling east to see family, we stopped by the seminary to look in. My children were amazed (1) at the beauty of this room, and (2) by the man himself. They still talk about this trip a year later.

Did you notice the furniture down the middle? These pieces were used by Spurgeon himself.  Do you see the artwork down the sides? These eight paintings were commission by the Spurgeon Library to depict important aspects of his life and ministry. As you leave this library, you will see the opposite wall a significant outline of Spurgeon’s life depicting what he accomplished and those whom he impacted. Stunning!

How wonderful such a place exists to perpetuate the life and work of Spurgeon! I hope that, should you love the ministry of Spurgeon, you would visit and support this important ministry.


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